Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Fun ( Part 1)

We went to Logan on July 15th for Curt's wedding on the 16th. We got there and we found a cozy coupe for Landon to try out! You can't really tell, but he is enjoying it! He was totally relaxed with his leg hanging out of the door!We finally managed to get a picture of us with the newlyweds! The Maddox lodge in Brigham City is gorgeous and their food is fabulous! Their rolls are better than the Lion House! Go try them!

Intrducing Landon's newest Grandma, Kristie! Welcome to the family!

After the wedding, we went to the zoo. Landon loved anything that moved. The monkeys were his first favorite!

This is an elephant in case you weren't sure!:) The baby one wasn't doing anything at all so I got the big one!

I personally liked the giraffes

Landon is such a happy baby.....even in the heat!

He is the size of an infant Orangutan.......

and the same size as an infant gorilla! Jeff can't resist feeding the swans! It even bit his finger! Landon liked the ducks too!

The mister fans were very popular. Landon thought it was so funny! I promise!

Yes, that is my hair..... it felt good, though!As you can tell, Landon slept all the way home! He loved, loved, loved the ostrich, but I don't know what file I put that picture in. If I can find it, I'll post it!

I love these two boys! I can't get over his cute smile!