Monday, April 25, 2011

St. George

We got to go down to St. George at the end of March for a pharmacy convention. Jeff and Landon went with me and we had a couple of friends caravan along too. What a weekend! Landon did so well on the way down. He started playing peek-a-boo with his blanket. This is one of my favorite pics of Landon ever!

While I spent 10 hours in classes on Friday, Jeff and our friends did some hiking in Zions. Here are a couple of shots from the hidden canyon hike. I'm so glad I wasn't there! They said it was a bit scary, and you had to scoot on your rear end at some parts. NOT cool! My sister , Jenny was nice enough to watch Landon while they played (and got sick from not eating!)

Pretty waterfall

Our car ride home was looooooong! We took a "detour" to Bryce Canyon so Landon was in the car from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. He was NOT a happy camper! We did ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we could think of to keep him entertained. Licorice worked for awhile.

This is the snow piled high at the top of Bryce Canyon. It was mighty cold, but nice to see. This ppic is from a phone camera so the quality ins't that great, but Landon has a pice of a pine tree in his hand, and he used it to sweep the sidwalk. Anything to keep him entertained!

And now for a brief intermisson..............................................................

This has nothing to do with St. George, but these critters like our house too much. We live near fields so they are expected, but Jeff wanted Landon to get aquainted with them too. Landon is very intrigued by bugs now. Thanks Jeff ***enter sarcasm here****

Now, back to Bryce Canyon. Here we are at one of the lookouts. It was cold, as you can tell, and Landon was more interested in the puddles of water than in our photo shoot, but oh, well. We finally got to see Bryce Canyon.

I like this one too. It was cold and bright, but at least it worked. I love my little man.

This is on our way home. He read to himself for about 10-15 minutes, but then I had to lay my seat back, read, and show him the pictures the rest of the way. Boy, was I glad to get home!

Easter 2011

Some families in our ward always put on an Easter Egg Hunt for the neighborhood. It was very cold, and this is the best pic I got. We were waiting to start, and I was blocking his path so he wan't happy. Plus, he didn't feel well.

Here he is on Easter morning eating a graham cracker. We didn't get him any candy, but we got him some books, 3 cars and the Primary songs on cd. He loves his new books and Mater is his favorite.

We had dinner at Nana and Papa's house. Landon loves to jump, but has to sit between someone's legs to do it. I love this action shot. It wa a fun day.

You can't have Easter without bubbles. Landon LOVES bubbles! He loves to pop them and chase them, and comes running back for more!

Nana had a small egg hunt. He did an awesome job at finding all the eggs.

We went to my mom's house and had our annual egg hunt there. Me, Jeff, Maria and Jared got to hide them this year. We added an impromptu prize for the real golden egg. Everyone was looking for it, but only Zack found it! He got the $1.00 prize from Jeff.

Zack was so excited about his prize, he climbed the tree and hung there. No, not really. We just happened to catch him in a Zack moment.

And for the final picture of the day; which sums up the day perfectly; I present to you Landon.....




Doesn't this picture just speak volumes? He was worn out, exhausted, ready for bed, and wanted to swing all at the same time. He just sat there lethargically and let us push him in the swing. He's a funny kiddo. Happy Easter Everyone!

Ok, here's one more. I just thought it was so funny!Oh, and No, i do not drug my son. He just looks like it!

Hello Suzanne!

This post is for my friend Suzanne, who called me out the other day and told me that I don't post very much. Well, She's 100% right! Our lives are a bit boring, but I have managed to get a few pictures. Suzanne, stayed tuned too... there's more to come! Landon stole the french fries and started stuffing his face full. Daddy joined in too.
Fry thief!

We were playing games and got a bit carried away with the blue robbin egg candies. Good times!

My Dad like peanut butter and I do too. I ate the whole container! Yummy!

He was a total and utter mess. Peanut butter is pretty hard to clean up. I had to get him in the tub just to get the oily peanut butter off everything!

Landon got to go into nursery a bit early because he was being a bit destructive/distracting and rambunctious in the primary room. He loves it and has done really well! This is him after his first day. He was pretty happy, and I couldn't get him to hold still long enough for a good shot. He is holding the "coloring project" that he did. We still have these things 3 weeks later and he still plays with them. What a stud!