Thursday, April 30, 2009

I kicked the habit!

After a long, hard struggle with addiction I can finally say, with all the happiness in the world, that I have kicked it in the butt! WOO HOO! My parents (especially my dad) has gotten after me about it for a long time. I would give in to the temptation even when I didn't realize I was doing it. It's worn on my self confidence and everything. I know what you're thinking.............poor, poor me! I've had this issue my entire life, and I hate it!Sometimes it gets worse, and other times it's not so bad. What substance do I have issues with you might ask? Well, I hate admitting it, but it was biting my nails! I have successfully grown out a FULL set of nails for the first time EVER! I'm so excited. I had to actually file them the other day. I don't think I've ever used a nail file before yesterday. I know, I probably sound really stupid to you all, but to me it's huge! I guess the little peanut growing inside of my gut doesn't like the taste of human finger nails. Who does, right? If you fell for the above paragraph then GOTTCHA! I crack myself up!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weeeeeee're baaaaaaack!

Well,we made it back from Mexico without any drug cartel trouble or the swine flu (as far as we know)! This guy is what I call the Evil Man-eater Iguana of death! If you know me, you know I DO NOT like "creatures." I lost a "staring contest" with 4 Iguanas. They were blocking my path, and I was scared! I know my pregnant hormones played a huge part in my reaction, but to put it mildly, I FREAKED out! Jeff had to shew the critters away with his snorkeling flipper. As soon as the coast was clear, I ran as fast as I could with bare feet. They look like little dinosaurs don't you think? Evil, evil, evil man-eater!

Here's a shot of our pool. Jeff did a good job taking this picture to cut out the topless ladies everywhere. It's pretty sad when you feel overdressed at the SWIMMING POOL! It was a great place to drink Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiri's.. I'm not telling whether we said "virgin" or not! What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico!

Jeff loves to just soak up the sun(and looks good doing it)! This Eco park we went to had tons and tons of hammocks to just sit and relax. Watch out for the Iguana, though, they might bite you!

We went to the Mayan ruins called Tulum. It's not the big one, but it was awesome! We got an LDS tour guide, and he showed us all the resemblances of our church and the ancient Mayans. It's amazing how much physical evidence of our church was there. For me it was a huge testimony strengthener. It was terribly hot, but worth every minute. I recommend going to see a ruin if you get a chance. In stead of having a huge tour group, we only had our little family of 5. I loved it!
I must say it was really weird driving down the highway in Mexico and seeing stations of policemen holding machine guns! It was quite intimidating! One of our taxi drivers warned us that if we rent a car we might get pulled over by the police. He said absolutely do not give them your driver's licence. They usually just want money. Isn't that just scary? To say the least, we just stuck to taxis for our transportation.
On a final note: We're having a baby! We had a few interesting/scary moments right at the beginning, but now it's good. Our original due date was October 8th, then it went to the 23rd, and after 2 early ultrasounds, it's now November 1st. We are 13 weeks pregnant, and very excited for our next adventure. Our baby is the size of a small shrimp, and is fully developed. We will find out in June what we are having. It's a whole new world coming up for us!