Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The latest

 My Mom and I wanted to go to the county fair so we loaded Landon up (potty seat and all), and off we went to see some animals.  Landon was such a trooper in the heat, but he loves seeing the man on the horse, cows, sheeps, chickens and bunnies. The highlight, however, was this little car ride. He was the first one on, and the last to get off. He sat patiently while the other kids got on, and he had such a great time!

You can tell by the smile on his face that he was so excited! He loves driving cars, and he even had his hands on the wheel at 9 and 3!

His latest obsession is pirates! ( thank you Nana for taking him to Carl's Jr. for a kids meal)! He really isn't mad, he's just consentrating on his "ocular" and what he sees. The stick in his hand has a pirate flag on it. He hasn't put these things down all week!
Here's another shot of our early morning pirate all happy and running around sayin "Yo -Ho!" He's potty trained now and doing really well! He's excited that we are having a baby and has me open my mouth to hear if it's crying. I tell him the baby can't cry because it's swimming, and he gets all confused, but usually ends up snuggling my belly. He's going to be such a good big brother!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"My" house

What could make Landon happier than watching "Diego"? Watching Diego in his own house, in his pjs(at noon), with a bowl of cereal! He could be in there for hours! Thanks to Jeff for the wonderful construction of this masterpiece!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yee Haw! Ridin cowboy!

We had a great day as a family today. We spent the morning planting flowers then headed to Thanksgiving Point to see the animals! Landon loved the horses and cows. Landon rode a pony , but wasn't too sure about it. He rode a tractor too, and wore his cowboy hat and boots to bed. What a great day filled with all things cowboy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When it comes I wanna wail mmmmmaaaaaiiiiilllllll!!!

Landon got his first piece of "real" mail yesterday. He gets excited about all of his mail (junk mail, ads, anything colorful), but this time it was different. It was from a real person (well...sort of).I'm sorry it's blurry, but it is from our old neighbor Nila, and her dog Roxie! The card was a Valentine's Day card written to Landon as if Roxie was writting it. It was so sweet, and he was so proud of himself. He keeps looking at it and says "Mommy....Puppy ...heart" and laughs. We need to do something special in return for that good ole dog Roxie! Thanks Nila!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I haven't been on here for a long time, but since it's Christmas time I decided to put this on for your enjoyment :)Jeff is still working at Dillard's in Sandy, being a great Dad and hubby, and is hardly home this time of year.

I am still working full time at BYU, being the best mom and wife I can be, and teaching primary.
Landon is a cute 2 year old who loves anything Toy Story, animals, trucks, and getting in the tubby. He's the light of our lives, and I can't imagine my life without him.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer #4 Mothers/fathers day, friends, and randomness

We surprised Amy and took her to Park City for her birthday. We went to the Baja Cantina. Jessica met us there! We had a great time. We also went down the coaster at the Park City Mountain Resort. She HATES being sung to so naturally I had to have them sing! She was a bit mortified!

Landon colored this in nursery for Jeff's first Father's Day present. As you can tell, Landon was so proud of his work!

I got this for Mother's Day! I love little hand prints! How cute! He sure is a good boy!

We went to Park City for a weekend for Jeff's family reunion. The dresser almost fell on Landon,but he's o.k. This is how I found Jeff and Landon one morning! I think we have another gadget guy in the family!

Summer #3 Idaho/Washington

In May we rented a car with some friends,and headed up to Couer d'Alene, Idaho for a weekend of fun! On Sunday, we drove to Spokane to see the play Wicked. I was so excited to see it. I've been wanting to see it for a long time. My dream finally came true! It was just as good as I thought it would be!

This is us at the play! You can't tell, but the stage is just behind us. Disregard all the red eyes in this shot.

Before the play we went to dinner and then took a tra ride over the spokane fall. The water was really high, and the river was raging. I've been there a few times, but have never seen it this high or fast.

This doesn't do it justice, but you can tell that the river is going crazy! Our little tram thingy got drenched around this point. It was pretty though!

We also hit an amuzement park called Silverwood. This is after the river raft ride. We had a total of 6 adults and 2 teenagers in our raft and boy did we get soaked! We had almost a foot of water in the bottom of the raft at one point, and the other family was using flip flops to get it out. It made it so ever drop and rapid we approached just soaked us. It was fun, and wet, and after a while it was cold. We rode the roller coaster called tremors at the end of the day, and it was awesome. The picture is classic, but after that I was freezing! It was a great day.

Peek-a-boo! This was taken while Jeff and I were on a coaster. I like it!

The first day in Couer d'Alene we went to lake Couer d'Alene and took a short hike called Tubb's Hill. It was a great day, and the view was gorgeous. I look a little weird in this pic, but I was tired and not feeling too well. Later that day we took a cruise on the lake and got some sun. The lake is pretty, but I was itching to go on a ski boat!

This is the resort on the lake. Our friend Jared used to work here! Hoe pretty! We tried to go to one of their restaurants for dessert, but they were closed by the time we got there. Bummer! I was excited for it!

Summer #2 Camping and lots of pictures

We started an annual trip with Curt and Kristie this year. It was the weekend before Father's Day. We went out to the North West of the Great Salt Lake ( or the middle of nowhere). It was my first time using nature as a restroom and first time encountering biting tiny flies. It was a good trip despite these awkward times.
We found a cave and of course the boys had to climb to the top. This is Jeff peeking through a hole.

This is a Sego Lily. I've never seen a real one until this trip. They're really quite beautiful.

This was Landon's first 4-wheeler ride. He thought it was great riding with uncle Nick ( landon calls him nock!)

There was a lot of this happening........

And we saw a couple of these. Jeff was not happy. Neither was Curt. They hate snakes!

Braden spent a lot of time on this that first day! What a cool dude!

We took a 5 hour truck ride and this is Landon during the beginning part. On the way home he was using his blanket as a tent and sleep underneath it. He was a trooper!

Jeff is a great lizard/horned toad catcher! Here's his latest find!

We found a cave (the same one as the first picture) and we had to ride 4-wheelers to get to the base of it. Tyler went down and picked up Landon and Curt. Landon thought it was awesome! Ilike this picture! The 3 brothers on top of the cave. Nick and Jeff were being silly the whole trip. This about sums up their relationship!

Grandpa and Landon exploring the cave.

We found this black widow just outside of the cave. That was a huge egg sac on top. I didn't stick around for a good look.... I headed down the trail with the baby!

Summer #1 and out of order

We got to go to Lava Hot Springs this past weekend with Jeff's extended family. We had a good time even if we didn't make it to the swimming pool or hot springs. We rode the river twice. It was fun and refreshing.

Here's the whole gang......well almost! Jackson is next to Braden on the far left. He just got cut out. The other shot has Jeff hiding behing Landon so I chose this one.

Grandma Kristie watched Landon while we rode the river both times. He was pooped! He finally caved and fell asleep!

You can see our raft coming down in the background. You can't see my fat rolls as much from a distance ;) We had a great time with Nick and Kaylyn on our raft.

Monday, April 25, 2011

St. George

We got to go down to St. George at the end of March for a pharmacy convention. Jeff and Landon went with me and we had a couple of friends caravan along too. What a weekend! Landon did so well on the way down. He started playing peek-a-boo with his blanket. This is one of my favorite pics of Landon ever!

While I spent 10 hours in classes on Friday, Jeff and our friends did some hiking in Zions. Here are a couple of shots from the hidden canyon hike. I'm so glad I wasn't there! They said it was a bit scary, and you had to scoot on your rear end at some parts. NOT cool! My sister , Jenny was nice enough to watch Landon while they played (and got sick from not eating!)

Pretty waterfall

Our car ride home was looooooong! We took a "detour" to Bryce Canyon so Landon was in the car from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. He was NOT a happy camper! We did ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we could think of to keep him entertained. Licorice worked for awhile.

This is the snow piled high at the top of Bryce Canyon. It was mighty cold, but nice to see. This ppic is from a phone camera so the quality ins't that great, but Landon has a pice of a pine tree in his hand, and he used it to sweep the sidwalk. Anything to keep him entertained!

And now for a brief intermisson..............................................................

This has nothing to do with St. George, but these critters like our house too much. We live near fields so they are expected, but Jeff wanted Landon to get aquainted with them too. Landon is very intrigued by bugs now. Thanks Jeff ***enter sarcasm here****

Now, back to Bryce Canyon. Here we are at one of the lookouts. It was cold, as you can tell, and Landon was more interested in the puddles of water than in our photo shoot, but oh, well. We finally got to see Bryce Canyon.

I like this one too. It was cold and bright, but at least it worked. I love my little man.

This is on our way home. He read to himself for about 10-15 minutes, but then I had to lay my seat back, read, and show him the pictures the rest of the way. Boy, was I glad to get home!