Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer #4 Mothers/fathers day, friends, and randomness

We surprised Amy and took her to Park City for her birthday. We went to the Baja Cantina. Jessica met us there! We had a great time. We also went down the coaster at the Park City Mountain Resort. She HATES being sung to so naturally I had to have them sing! She was a bit mortified!

Landon colored this in nursery for Jeff's first Father's Day present. As you can tell, Landon was so proud of his work!

I got this for Mother's Day! I love little hand prints! How cute! He sure is a good boy!

We went to Park City for a weekend for Jeff's family reunion. The dresser almost fell on Landon,but he's o.k. This is how I found Jeff and Landon one morning! I think we have another gadget guy in the family!