Thursday, April 30, 2009

I kicked the habit!

After a long, hard struggle with addiction I can finally say, with all the happiness in the world, that I have kicked it in the butt! WOO HOO! My parents (especially my dad) has gotten after me about it for a long time. I would give in to the temptation even when I didn't realize I was doing it. It's worn on my self confidence and everything. I know what you're thinking.............poor, poor me! I've had this issue my entire life, and I hate it!Sometimes it gets worse, and other times it's not so bad. What substance do I have issues with you might ask? Well, I hate admitting it, but it was biting my nails! I have successfully grown out a FULL set of nails for the first time EVER! I'm so excited. I had to actually file them the other day. I don't think I've ever used a nail file before yesterday. I know, I probably sound really stupid to you all, but to me it's huge! I guess the little peanut growing inside of my gut doesn't like the taste of human finger nails. Who does, right? If you fell for the above paragraph then GOTTCHA! I crack myself up!


Ashley said...

How'd you do it? I still haven't kicked that habit and Dan HATES that I do it. Any guidance you could give would be great!

Lyndsie or Richard said...

Know what's sad? I was biting my nails while reading all about your victory. I hate irony.

Dan said...

You are a dork! I totally believed you and I was getting excited that you would be able to help Ashley. There is nothing worse than finding a picked-off toe-nail on your shirt because you were lounging on the couch, and the prior lounger picked their nails off.