Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Suzanne!

This post is for my friend Suzanne, who called me out the other day and told me that I don't post very much. Well, She's 100% right! Our lives are a bit boring, but I have managed to get a few pictures. Suzanne, stayed tuned too... there's more to come! Landon stole the french fries and started stuffing his face full. Daddy joined in too.
Fry thief!

We were playing games and got a bit carried away with the blue robbin egg candies. Good times!

My Dad like peanut butter and I do too. I ate the whole container! Yummy!

He was a total and utter mess. Peanut butter is pretty hard to clean up. I had to get him in the tub just to get the oily peanut butter off everything!

Landon got to go into nursery a bit early because he was being a bit destructive/distracting and rambunctious in the primary room. He loves it and has done really well! This is him after his first day. He was pretty happy, and I couldn't get him to hold still long enough for a good shot. He is holding the "coloring project" that he did. We still have these things 3 weeks later and he still plays with them. What a stud!