Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer fun (part 3)

We were so sunburned from our exciting day at Seven Peaks, we decided to get out the umbrella for the parade the next day. Landon liked the horses and people in the parade, but he was more interested in the dying butterfly in the gutter that kept flapping its wings. Silly kid! Landon and Daddy enjoying the parade.

My sister, Jenny, is in town for a few weeks so I had to get pics of her cute kiddos. This is T getting into our diaper bag. He's fascinated with anything that belongs to Landon and his diaper bag.

Here's T again, on Sunday, just enjoying the view. You can see how tired he is from all our fun!+

Here's Jeff, as usual, teasing the nieces. He takes their stuff, runs away to hide it, and makes them scream. He's pretending to eat it in this picture. The girls LOVE their uncle Jeff.

Landon and mommy! Look at his messy, messy face. It must have tasted good!

Jeff was messing with our camera settings. I liked this sepia one! He's focusing so hard on the button!

I had to post this cute boy in his church outfit! I love him in that shirt and tie combo. So cute!

We had a hotdog roasting adventure awhile back and as you can tell, Landon enjoyed the sticks we used to cook our hotdogs!

Here we are ready to cook our hotdog. Landon is distracted by the fire. We might just have another pyro in the family! Like Mother, like son! He was totally mesmerized by it!

We've been swimming a few times this summer, and Landon really enjoys his raft. We got so many compliments on his cute glasses, hat and raft. He was ready to swim!

As you can tell by this picture, he was ready to get the glasses off! He succeeded, but we still kept the hat on while we were near the water! We've had a lot of fun so far this summer, and I hope we can keep up the fun!