Thursday, September 3, 2009

The strangest thing!

The strangest thing happened to me at lunch today. Jeff and I went to Zupas in Provo. If you haven't been there, you should go. Their ultimate grilled cheese sandwich is heavenly. Anyway, we got our food and sat down to eat and before I knew it, I was chilly! This is strange because I'm NEVER cold. Especially since I've been pregnant. It got so bad in the restaurant, I almost started shivering. I was glad to be contently full, and walking outside to the lovely warmth of the sun!


Rachael said...

You sure you're not in labor? That's all I can think of...I'm so excited for you to experience all of that. If our next is a girl, we'll be naming her Sarah with an h. You were the first Sarah friend I had, and I've since met a few others that I just love to death like I do you. So, despite my Mother not liking the name Sarah, I am naming her after her as well, Sarah Diane. We'll see how much she loves her after that!
If it's a boy, Gideon Ruel (Ruel being a family name after my Dad).
Any names yet for you guys?
I'm so happy for you! Take care, and maybe you'll be one of those women who hasn't a clue they're in labor. Watch it close!
Take care Mommy-to-be!

Alan and Mindee Williams said...

I'm so glad you found my blog!!! Now we can keep in touch! Congratulations on your pregnancy and your new place looks great! Good luck with everything!