Monday, August 24, 2009


Holy Crap is 1 way to describe what I'm feeling lately! I realized today that I only have 70 days left until baby boy Curtis is due. That's only 10 weeks! I'm excited for him to come, but I'm silently having a panic attack just thinking about what needs to get done. This pregnancy has FLOWN by and it doesn't seem real that I could be that close to being done. I know my stressing is normal, but if you have any ideas on how to overcome it I'd be happy to listen!


Dan said...

For you to overcome your stress, I would suggest a coma or some other conscious altering neurological condition. Baby = stress. If not so, you = crazy.

John said...

Do little things each day. But, if all else fails, wait until the baby comes and make your husband do it! You have a good six weeks of being able to just sit and hold the baby and have a good excuse!