Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lots of good life changes!

I have the news that you've all been waiting for...................we're having a BOY! Everyone we talked to SWORE we were having a girl, but they were all wrong! We went to the ultrasound, and the little bugger just kept doing somersaults. Just as the guy would almost have the picture our baby boy just rolled around. We were trying to see the gender, and he just kept crossing his ankles and hiding his junk! Silly boy, modesty doesn't exist in the womb! We got some really good shots of him "flexing" his muscles for us, and he kept "boxing" when the ultrasound guy would hold still for just a minute. He was so cute! We love him already! Both of our mothers were in the room with us when we found out. Jeff and I just had perma grins on our faces the whole time. I heard a few (or should I say LOTS) of sniffles from the grandmas during the ultrasound. Jeff and I went in expecting it to be a boy, but hoping for a girl. We weren't too surprised. I think it finally sunk in last night, and we were super excited!

Our little contortionist!

Showing us his guns.

Isn't he CUTE?

That's not the ONLY good news we have! During this past week or two we've been in the process of buying our first home. It's a townhome/duplex just Northeast of the new high school. The process is exhausting, overwhealming, and a bit stressful, but we can't wait to get into our place. We got to pick the carpet, countertops, and appliances. Obviously it's not finished yet, but we're hoping to be in by the end of July. We are really going to miss our wonderful neighbors, and the ward we're in now, but we know this is what we're supposed to be doing and we know this is where we should be going. It's going to be hard, but I can hardly wait! I'll have a ton of space, a jetted tub, AND a dishwasher! Woo hoo! Within 6 months we'll be packing, moving, settling, and having a baby. What a whirlwind! I'll post some pictures of the inside when they get the carpet, countertops, and cupboards finished. Wish us luck!
Ours is on the left


The Alger's said...

Hey congrats! Diane told me the good news today! (I just happened to be teaching summer reading). I really thought it would be a girl too...but how exciting to have a boy! Congrats again!

Kristy Alger

Butterfield Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you guys! What an exciting time of life...a little boy and a way cute house. We bought our home when I was 8+ months pregnant with Halle. We were worried that we might be homeless with a brand new baby, but it all worked out! Good Luck with all the new exciting changes!

Ashley said...

Yay! Little boys are so much fun! And a house? Wow, you guys have been busy! I can't wait to see the new place and your little boy. Let's get together soon!

john and amber said...

Love the blog guys! We are so excited for you...boys are so much fun, and keep you on your toes! And how exciting about your first house...we moved into our first house when I was pregnant, too. Such an exciting time of life!