Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peterson Family Reunion!

My family had the first ever family reunion this year! My brother's family from Washington was able to come down for a while, so we planned a trip to Park City! We went out to eat at a restaurant called Bandits on the historic mainstreet. With the whole Pete clan together, things can get pretty crazy.. I appologize for all the pictures, but they were all too cute. Plus, I have to show off my favorite nieces and nephews ever.

Kyle had a full tummy,and was just hangin out as a real cowboy! He's very opinionated, but can be really cute when he wants to be ...........Keep smiling, buddy. I had to take a picture with this gorgeous girl, Celeste! She wanted her hair to be pulled back like mine, and she loved it.

I was the annoying photographer that just wanted to take pictures of everyone! We haven't been together on a trip for way too long, so I iwanted to remember how much fun we had. Maria and Sam are on the left,and Aaron and Nicole on the right. Love, the shirt, Aaron. It was too funny!

Grace also wanted her hair like mine so we pulled it back and straightened it for her, oh, and the lovely makeup job. She had to have on some mascara and lipstick. She is such a cute girl. I'm glad we got to spend so much time together with Aaron's family. It's been too long since we've done something fun. It was about time. We took the free troley ride to the restaurant. The kids just absolutely loved the ride on the trolley. I had to take pictures because they had so much fun. It was different for them, and there were no seat belts to be strapped in with. Yeah, for the trolley!

It seems like the only time we get our picture taken together is when we take it ourselves. Oh, well! I think it turned out better than some of the others. Plus, Jeff is such a babe, who wouldn't want to look at him all time? I'm the luckiest girl around.

My Dad tripped on the sidewalk just before we left for dinner, and he banged up his arm. You can see the band-aid on his elbow. It was raining and slippery, and he just went down. He thinks he broke his rib, and it hurt for quite awhile after. I'm glad he's doing well now. He's getting older now and his muscles aren't doing as well as they should, so he has a hard time getting around sometimes.

More trolley fun with Jeff and Jenny and Sean, and Sam and Rosie in the background. I love my family. They are great!

Aaron took care of Jared's boy, Spencer, on the trolley ride. This look just sums up Spencer to the T. He is quiet and quick, and can get into trouble quickly, but then he looks at you with his big, brown eyes, and he looks so innocent. Looks can be deceiving. Especially with a 3 year old!

We took part of our family on a walk up main street. We can't go to park city without going to the chocolate factory, right? They had to have a treat, so Maria was nice enough to buy them one. As you can tell, the treats were really enjoyed. Yummy!!!!!!!!! I'll post more pictures later, so stay tuned!


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Hey friend! Sorry it's been so long. How is everything? We need a game night soon. I'll call you.