Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anniversary Weekend!

I've never claimed to be a graceful person,and here's the proof! For the big 5th anniversary we decided to spend a lovely weekend in Park City. Jeff was so excited to mountain bike down the mountain, but as you can see, this is how it turned out. Our short, but very fun-filled bike ride ended up with me on a mountain with a gash in my knee bleeding all over the place. Jeff had to carry both bikes back up the mountain while I tried to hold a sock on my gushing wound. It was awkward, but we made it to the top. The lift operater had to get special permission to let us ride the lift back down. He let us know that an EMT would meet us at the bottom to look at my knee.............lucky me!

Here is us going on the forever long ride down, while everyone was looking at us funny and talking about us even though we could still hear what they were saying as they rode past us. YES, those are tears on my face. It hurt, I was embarrassed, and I am a girl. That gives me all the right in the world to let them out sometimes, right? I think so! We spent a lot of money to rent the bikes, purchase all day ski lift passes just to end up riding them for 5 minutes. I had to go to the Urgent Care center and get 4 stitches. WOW, what ta fun anniversary weekend, right? IDON"T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part about it was I was with the man I love!! Even though I was in pain ,and ruined Jeff's bike ride, the few from the top was gorgeous! I'm just a Klutz, and it's all good! Love you,babe!