Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hospital Stay?

Well, as you can see, Landon spent last Friday night in the hospital. He had his 15 month visit with shots earlier in the evening. A little later he had a sever reaction to something. His face swelled up and went bright red. He had big welts and hives all over his body. The doctor gave him some epinepherine and benadryl at his office,and when the rashes died down they sent us the Provo hospital to spend the night for observation. The idea of sleeping in the hospital was a good one, but the actual act of sleeping there was much easie said than done. We were zombies the next day at Kaylyn's shower. Thanks to Nana and Papa for bringing us some pjs and a big thanks to jared and amy for bringing us dinner and Sully. Luckily he's fine now and we found out yesterday that he is not allergic to any foods! We just have to be careful with immunizations for kindergarten.