Tuesday, May 25, 2010

St. George

We spent a lovely weekend in St. Geroge with the Martin Family a couple of weeks ago! The weather was gorgeous, our house was huge, and we had good food and good company! What more could you ask for? NO, this first pic is from before the trip! We had to give Landon his own remote to play with! He LOVES his new toy! Now both men of the house have their own!
Landon was just chillin with Kody as they watched a movie! He wouldn't put his leg down. Silly boy! Also, you can see what he's playing with............... the remotes!

This was Landon's favorite place to be! He didn't like the cold pool, but he loved the warm water. He's going to be able to fit all 5 fingers in his mouth before long!

Another hot tub shot! He was in heaven!
All of the cacti were in bloom. It's funny how a normally ugly plant can produce such pretty flowers!
This is us at the end of our mini hikes! We are at the Lower Emerald Pools in Zions. Landon stayed in that thing for about 3 hours. He's such a trooper! What a good boy! He loved looking around!

Landon and I decided to be adventurous and climb the rocks! Scary huh? Landon seemed to enjoy himself!

A storm came through the park while we were there! I'm glad we weren't in any slot canyons at this time!

I've never been there before, and it was so pretty! Not too hot, but perfect!

There were these cool cliffs that we "explored" 2 days in a row! They were really cool! It's hard to tell, but right behind me is a 140 foot drop off! It was a great weekend, and I'm ready to go again! I love spending days together as a family!