Monday, November 30, 2009

Random pics

Here are just a few random pictures from the past 5 weeks of Landon's life!Here's our handsome little guy on his 4 week birthday. This picture doesn't quite do him justice. I'm just not a very good photographer. It's my favorite outfit so far!
Every first time mom needs a picture of the baby taking a Sunday nap with Daddy. They were both so exhausted! Aren't my boys handsome? I think so!
He loves to sleep with his hands by his face. This is how we find him all the time. If we try to keep his arms away from his face he just freaks out and cries until they're free from restraint!
We looked everywhere for a beanie for his newborn pics. This is the only one we could find that was big enough. We had to buy it at Build-a-Bear workshop! Please don't tell our son we found his clothes at a toy store! This was his dress rehearsal.

I love it when he's awake and alert! His Nana bought him this darling outfit! He looks so cute in it!


Butterfield Family said...

He is so sweet. It was fun to see him in person at the Christmas party. He is a lucky have such awesome parents and grandparents!

Diane said...

We have the Cutest Grandson ever! We Love you Landon.