Thursday, March 26, 2009

Done esta el bano?

Jeff and I are so excited to be going to Mexico in a few weeks. We've had some stress in our lives for a couple of weeks, and we're very much looking forward to all the virgin pina coladas, and strawberry daquiris one can handle. We're going to see some Mayan ruins, snorkel, swim with sting rays (I'm not to excited about this one), and spend a coupl of days just relaxing on the beach. We can hardly wait. I know how to say "Where is the bathroom" and "how much is it?", and "I want to eat". With those few phrases and the hopes that heaven will open and I will be blessed with the gift of tongues, then we should get by. Plus, we're told that where we're going is very "americanized" so we can only hope! :) Oh, and don't worry about the drug cartel. I will give em the old heave-ho and then I'll kick 'em. I'm not afraid to use the tools I say on Miss Congeniality with the self defense. I'll use my elbows, jab em in the eyes, and of course (my personal favorite) the groin! Don't mess with me. I'll kick your butt! :) It's going to be a great trip!