Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brother and sister?

So I've heard that as a couples get older they look more and more alike. We're not that old yet! However, it makes for a funny story. Please read on: We were just standing there, at the grocery store check-out line, waiting for our stuff to get rung up when the cashier girl looked at us and asked if we were brother and sister. WHAT ??I kind of laughed and said "Actually we are husband and wife." I then said " I haven't heard that since High School." The cashier looked up at us again and was saying how awesome it was that we knew each other in High School. She kept going on and saying how she was a hopeless romantic. She told us we were cute. What do you say to that? Luckily our stuff was bagged at that moment so we could be on our merry little way. We laughed about that for awhile. I told Jeff that our kids are bound for destruction with brown eyes and brown hair. He laughed and agreed with me. We don't look that much alike, do we?


Ashley said...

That's hilarious! I don't think you look alike. Just a cute couple! :) Don't you sometimes wish people would keep their mouths shut?