Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The latest

 My Mom and I wanted to go to the county fair so we loaded Landon up (potty seat and all), and off we went to see some animals.  Landon was such a trooper in the heat, but he loves seeing the man on the horse, cows, sheeps, chickens and bunnies. The highlight, however, was this little car ride. He was the first one on, and the last to get off. He sat patiently while the other kids got on, and he had such a great time!

You can tell by the smile on his face that he was so excited! He loves driving cars, and he even had his hands on the wheel at 9 and 3!

His latest obsession is pirates! ( thank you Nana for taking him to Carl's Jr. for a kids meal)! He really isn't mad, he's just consentrating on his "ocular" and what he sees. The stick in his hand has a pirate flag on it. He hasn't put these things down all week!
Here's another shot of our early morning pirate all happy and running around sayin "Yo -Ho!" He's potty trained now and doing really well! He's excited that we are having a baby and has me open my mouth to hear if it's crying. I tell him the baby can't cry because it's swimming, and he gets all confused, but usually ends up snuggling my belly. He's going to be such a good big brother!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"My" house

What could make Landon happier than watching "Diego"? Watching Diego in his own house, in his pjs(at noon), with a bowl of cereal! He could be in there for hours! Thanks to Jeff for the wonderful construction of this masterpiece!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yee Haw! Ridin cowboy!

We had a great day as a family today. We spent the morning planting flowers then headed to Thanksgiving Point to see the animals! Landon loved the horses and cows. Landon rode a pony , but wasn't too sure about it. He rode a tractor too, and wore his cowboy hat and boots to bed. What a great day filled with all things cowboy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When it comes I wanna wail mmmmmaaaaaiiiiilllllll!!!

Landon got his first piece of "real" mail yesterday. He gets excited about all of his mail (junk mail, ads, anything colorful), but this time it was different. It was from a real person (well...sort of).I'm sorry it's blurry, but it is from our old neighbor Nila, and her dog Roxie! The card was a Valentine's Day card written to Landon as if Roxie was writting it. It was so sweet, and he was so proud of himself. He keeps looking at it and says "Mommy....Puppy ...heart" and laughs. We need to do something special in return for that good ole dog Roxie! Thanks Nila!